Palouse 2011

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Big Bend National Park

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Africa 2012

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My Smug Mug

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Antleope Canyon

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Your Bio

In 2010 I had the pleasure of attending the Rocky Mountain School of Photography Summer Intensive and Advance Intensive Programs. I cherish all of the new friends I made in Missoula that summer.

2011 was a year of travel across the US taking landscape pictures, including my first visits to Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

2012 was a year for some international travel. I spent two months in South Africa doing volunteer work at two different game reserves. I got the opportunity to capture some great wildlife pictures, meet some wonderful people, teach at a South African rural school, and spend two months with my good friend John Miller. Then I travel back to the US to catch up with family and friends for a month before headed off to Australia and New Zealand. In October John Miller and I visited Utah, Nevada, and the Eastern Sierras for some landscape photography.

In November 2013 I will return to South Africa hoping to improve my catalog of wildlife images